PEACE’s Action for Food program hits the ground running in Puerto Vallarta!

We are excited to announce the launch of the PEACE Action for Food program in Puerto Vallarta!

The PEACE “PV Protectores Action for Food” program is funded  by the proceeds from the PEACE Puerto Vallarta Home Tours, an initiative run completely by volunteers.  

Attendance for the tours was up 12% last season and the tours grossed over $250,000 pesos which was banked until September (or Septihambre as it’s known locally because it’s the month when hunger is at its highest being the slowest month of the year in tourism) at which time the new Action for Food program was started that tour funds support. 

Action for Food is a program where people living in some of the poorest colonias in the Vallarta area meet with members of PEACE and identify work projects in their community such as removing graffiti from buildings, cleaning trash, painting schools, weeding public areas, etc.  Two hours of volunteering on the project gives each person a food basket containing 10 meals. 

Here are the numbers from the beginning of the program in September. It has been widely successful! 

  • Total number of participants: 48
  • Estimated number of people benefited: 200
  • Neighborhoods worked in: Paso Ancho & Col. Buenos Aires.

The population is responding very well. We have more people asking to be participants than we can currently afford to support, which is our incentive for growing the tours.

Tours will resume on Tuesday, November 20th and will end on March 26th  although we’ll be closed on December 25th and January 1st.  We hope to increase ticket sales once again this season so we’re able to help even more of those in need.

For more information on the PEACE Home Tours or to make a reservation please visit:

For more information about the “Protectores Action for Food” program please contact:





We Wish Summer Would Never End! Last Day of PEACE Summer Camps 2012

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The last 3 weeks of summer camp have gone by so fast! Today we are celebrating the last day with lots of fun and educational activities.

Our amazing summer interns, Jeff, Lupe, Natalie and Aurelien, built a puppet theatre and puppets from recycled materials and gave an amazing show to the campers to start off the day. The puppet show was entitled “The World Is Our Home” and centered around teaching campers to care for our planet and the natural world. Themes included recycling, keeping beaches clean and treating pets and wildlife with respect and compassion. It was a huge hit! Great work guys!

Next campers head off the the Sports Center, built by the Fundacion Punta Mita, to have a field day. When they return, hot-dogs will be ready!

Long Live the Summertime!

PEACE Summer Camps are in full swing!

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Our summer camps kicked off today with a bang! Over 120 enthusiastic students  arrived this morning to sign up and within minutes the fun began! Students have the opportunity to create puppet-theatre shows, learn English, hone their computer skills, make recycled art, learn how to play sports such as soccer, volleyball and basketball and so much more!  (Summer camps sponsored  by PEACE and The Punta Mita Foundation).

Top 10 Things About Interning for PEACE: written by Natalie, Jeff, Aurelien and Guadalupe (PEACE Interns Summer 2012)

1. Making a difference!

2. Getting to know the PEACE team!

3. Working and playing with the kids!

4. Hands on experience with PEACE!

5. Having an AWESOME Spanish teacher (Maestra Ali)!

6. Working with the PEACE Animal Clinic!

7. The Food! (Especially Armando’s Quesadillas)!

8. The Views and Scenery (Especially on the drive to Punta de Mita)!

9. The weather!

10. Lunch Breaks on the Beach!Image

What does PEACE mean to me? PEACE Staff participate in team-building workshop.

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Last week, nearly twenty PEACE staff members took part in a fun, interactive team-building workshop led by staff psychologist Brenda Conde.  Themes included, creative problem solving, goal-setting and team work strategies. Staff worked together to draw a tree symbolizing the PEACE organization and each person had two minutes to do a quick sketch of what PEACE means to them. Check out these photos from the workshop and some of the staff drawings.

Slideshow from Field Trips to San Pancho

A few weeks ago public school students started taking field trips to San Pancho as part of a collaboration between PEACE, Entreamigos, and the Punta de Mita Foundation. Here are more photos of students at the community center learning about environmental education!

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What do you know about the PEACE Community Pride program?

Community Pride is one of PEACE’s most popular programs. Have you ever wondered how it works or what you can do to help? Here’s a bit more about this empowering program:

Work for Food came about in response to flood relief efforts in September of 2010. The program has flourished as it attends to several community needs that were not previously addressed, including the need for consistent work within marginalized communities and need to address local environmental issues within those same areas.

Every day, single mothers, disabled or unemployed individuals work in groups of five in each participating town cleaning beaches, streets, riverbeds and completing projects in schools and public spaces. In return for work participants receive healthy food for themselves and their families. This Community Pride project aims to instill a sense of responsibility for environmental protection and community cleanliness through education, recycling and town beautification projects while simultaneously providing healthy food to families in need.

Did you know:

  • The program continues to be very popular with more individuals looking to get involved!
  • PEACE takes food donations at the Mega every third Saturday of the month.
  • Every community has a coordinator and a team of 5 community members who work 5 days a week for 2 hours on town beautification projects.
  • Participants log over 200 hours of community servcie weekly!
  • Monetary contributions of $100 USD feeds 20 families. If you are interested in donating to PEACE please click here

If you have questions about Community Pride, other PEACE programs, or about how to get involved with PEACE. Email us at

Students to take field trips to San Pancho!

Over the next month, all elementary and and junior high students from the towns of Emiliano Zapata. Coral del Risco and Higuera Blanca will take a field trip to Entreamigos environmental community center in San Pancho. The trips are made possible through a collaboration between Entreamigos, The Punta de Mita Foundation and PEACE Mexico’s environmental education program. Students learn about green architecture, recycling, water conservation and so much more!!! What an eye-opening experience for these young minds!

PEACE Mexico Seeks Vehicle Donation

A few weeks ago while coming home from a mobile clinic in Jalococtlan, near San Blas, the PEACE Animal Clinic truck was hit by a drunk driver. Fortunately there were no injuries in the accident but the PEACE truck was totaled. This is a devastating loss for the animal team and the animals. The team is already feeling the effects of not having the truck, as they are not able to work as effectively to help transport animals.

The PEACE mobile clinic is unique in that it is able to serve very isolated and remote areas that would not be reached otherwise. Many people living in these rural areas do not have access to transportation, which makes it very difficult to get proper care for their animals. The educational component of the program is also an important one as the animal clinic not only teaches community members but also goes into schools to educate children about the importance of spay and neutering and proper care of their animals.

PEACE is currently working through insurance issues but will need a new truck for the animal team. In addition to the recent accident with the animal truck, the recycling program is also looking for vehicle donation. The recycling team uses the truck throughout Mita down to Bucerias, every day except Sundays.  Their route covers 100km and hauls over 60 tons of recycling each year. The recycling team also performs other important functions for PEACE including hauling supplies for the Work for Food Program and transporting children to and from school events.

PEACE is looking for donations of two six or eight cylinder trucks for these programs. The preference is to find local donations but PEACE would also consider bringing a vehicle down from the United States or Canada. These donations are tax-deductible in the United States and Mexico.

PEACE to build library at the Casa Campesina!

Amigos! We are builiding a library for the students at the Casa Campesina and we need your help!

We are looking for bookshelves and books in Spanish. Please help us encourage reading and further education.

Please let us know if you are able to donate these items or contribute to funding this project.

Please contact Gaby Roman, if you have questions. We appreciate your help!

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