“Sponsor a Student” Fundraising Campaign: Introducing Johana

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Johana, Age 12

Johana’s Story

Johana stopped attending the local elementary because other students bullied her for her hearing disability. She also struggled profusely to keep up in a learning environment that didn’t take her hearing problem into consideration. Now she attends the PEACE Alternative School where she is making strong academic progress and feels respected and safe.

 Johana in her own words

“My name is Johana and I was born in Puerto Vallarta. I have a hearing disability and I have to use a special device. I attend the alternative school because I feel protected here; everyone cares about me and respects me enough not to tease me.  If I had a super power, it would be to fly so I can feel the wind blowing all around me. When I grow up I want to be a teacher at PEACE and work with children like me. What I like about my school is that they respect me and do not ask me why I cannot hear or make fun of me. I would be really sad if PEACE didn’t exist. PEACE is the reason that I love school again!”

“Johana is very smart. She is always smiling and laughing. She has a great heart.” PEACE Alternative School Teacher, Jenni de la Torre


Please help us continue to provide a holistic education to this wonderful student!! Help us help Johana, by sponsoring her education for one month for just $150 US! Or sponsor Johana’s education for a year for just $1,350 US! Together we can make a huge positive impact in her life! Every dollar counts!

To donate please visit: https://donate.peacemexico.org/ and note “Johana” and the amount you would like to donate in the blank donation slot. Thanks!

For more information please contact ceci@peacemexico.org


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