“Sponsor a Student” Fundraising Campaign: Introducing Chez

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Chez, Age 15

Chez’s Story

Chez is originally from Punta de Mita. Formerly enrolled in junior high, he struggled with behavioral issues and substance abuse. In addition, a mild vision problem was causing him to fall behind his classmates and eventually led him to quit school.  Since beginning the PEACE Alternative school he has stopped using drugs and has become an outgoing and enthusiastic student. He is truly a delight to have in class. He arrives at school everyday with a great attitude, ready to learn. We are so very proud of him!

Chez in his own words

“My name Jesreel, but I like being called Chez. I was born in 1996 and I am 15 years old. I go to the alternative school because I have really wanted to study and could not go to public school because I was too old to take classes at my grade level. When I grow up I want to be a professional chef, because people like to eat delicious things and I want to make them! If I had a super power would be to fly to travel around the world. My idea to change the world is to take care of each person so that nothing happens to us. What I like about school are my friends and my teachers.”

“Chez is kind to others, happy and compassionate. He loves to share his thoughts and ideas with the class. He makes everyone laugh and is a natural leader.” Teacher, Jenni de la Torre

Chez is very polite, he is a great friend to others and he stand up for what he believes is right.Teacher, Ali Elias


Please help us continue to provide a holistic education to this wonderful student!! Help us help Chez, by sponsoring his education for one month for just $150 US! Or Sponsor Chez’s education for a year for just $1,350 US! Together we can make a huge positive impact in his life! Every dollar counts!

To donate please visit: https://donate.peacemexico.org/ and note “Chez” and the amount you would like to donate in the blank donation slot. Thanks!

For more information please contact ceci@peacemexico.org


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