PEACE Welcomes Cecilia Paredes as Director of Operations

Dear Friends,

We would like to introduce you to Cecilia Paredes. She has recently reconnected with PEACE Mexico as Director of Operations.  Cecilia’s dedication to international community development stems from her direct experience in a variety of cultures.  She spent her childhood in Eastern Europe, Romania, former Yugoslavia and the Czech Republic and has lived in Mexico, Honduras and India.  She is fluent in Spanish, English, and French and brings five years of experience driving positive social change in the Bay of Banderas community.   She is committed to taking PEACE to the “next level.”  Ceci has already hit the ground running–shaping our Education, Environmental, and Animal programs with her enthusiasm, experience and commitment.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to PEACE Mexico and its mission to increase educational and economic opportunities that support an improved quality of life. With your personal dedication and investment in the Bay of Banderas, we have transformed lives in this community and delivered social impact in the seven short years since we started down this path to success.  Our programs have achieved measurable results annually, including:

  • More than 85,000 hours of education
  • Over 12,000 hours of community beautification
  • 60,000  meals in return for hours worked improving the environment
  • More than 40 tons of recycling and trash kept out of streams, rivers and ocean
  • 4,000 spay/neuters each year, drastically reducing the canine and feline overpopulation problem

As you may have heard, Molly Fisher, PEACE’s founder, has received an offer from Worldfund, a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise the quality of education in Latin America in order to transform lives and break the cycle of poverty.  Molly will serve this mission as Assistant Director of Worldfund Mexico, based in Mexico City.  One of her main responsibilities will be to oversee the Worldfund LISTO program which provides intensive training to Mexican public school principals. LISTO aims to improve student learning outcomes by fostering leaders who create effective learning environments that value student, teacher and parent input.

Moly will be continuing in her role as President of the Mexican Board of Directors of PEACE, and will also be joining the US Board. She sees her work at Worldfund as an extension of the spirit and vision of our work together in PEACE.  She makes this move now with full confidence in the continued impact of the strong organization we’ve built together.  This change ensures that PEACE will not suffer from “founder’s syndrome” and that new energy, ideas, and perspective will enliven and strengthen our community.

Molly began full-time at Worldfund on October 1st.  She will continue to participate in the strategic planning and direction of our organization and look forward to sharing in the continued development of PEACE for many years to come.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us at PEACE should you have a question, want to donate or need further information.

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