Over 600 local students unite in the name of World Peace!

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It was early in the morning on Friday September 21st  and from a distance the highway in Punta de Mita appeared to be painted bright white.  A closer look revealed over 600 students from eight local schools, marching hand-in-hand, dresssed in white. They were demonstrating, along with others around the world, in the name of International Peace Day, a global event established by the United Nations in 1982.

Local students of all ages carried hand-made banners and white flags, singing and chanting as they marched.  Electricity filled the air.  Their signs read: “ Peace begins with a smile!”  “PEACE comes from the inside, don’t search elsewhere!” “Imagine all the people living in PEACE.” “No More War!” “YES, to PEACE!”  “There is no way to peace, peace is the way!” Especially moving, was a group of kindergarteners from Corral de Risco who were yelling tirelessly, “The children want PEACE! The children want PEACE!” Each participant wore a “peace ambassador” sash, a symbol of their personal commitment to peace for the year.

In a part of Mexico often plagued by violence from narcotraficantes, the demonstration was especially poignant.

The march ended at the Sports Center in Corral de Risco, where students took part in a variety of activities including: kicking “goals for peace” singing songs, and lining up on the field to create the word PAZ (peace).

The demonstration was organized by PEACE Mexico and led by alternative school teachers and students, in collaboration with peaceoneday.org.  Organizers from “Peace One Day,” sent their congratulations for making the largest student demonstration for International Peace Day ever in Mexico!

A big thanks to all teachers, students and volunteers who helped to send this powerful message of peace!

Mil Gracias to the Punta Mita Foundation for helping to sponsor this unforgettable event!

For more information on “Peace One Day” please visit:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/peaceoneday
Twitter: twitter.com/#!/peaceoneday
Youtube: www.youtube.com/peaceoneday

*photographs and article by Nova Pennison


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